DELIGHT your passengers

with a personalized and seamless mobile experience POWERED BY AI


Travel Assistance

Smart personalized messages based on the user’s context.

Our technology surfaces the right information to passengers at exactly the right time. From ‘leave now’ notifications, to arranging a shared bike for the final mile of their journey; your customers have a personalized travel assistant at their fingertips.

Understanding customers' behavior, combined with a mobile communication channel, enables public transport operators to orchestrate their customers end-to-end connectivity.


Seamless Ticketing

Future-proof ticketing solutions that do not require infrastructure investments.

Our solutions leverage location data to understand where a passenger gets on and off their transportation. Without beacons or other hardware investments, our smart technology offers a seamless and future-proof be-in/be-out (BiBo) ticketing solution.

Integrated with account based payment we enable public transport operators to make the customer’s journey truly ticketless.


Ancillary Revenue

Contextually relevant services that deliver value beyond transportation.

Location data gives us insight into users’ preferences – not only their travel patterns. This allows us to predict user needs and propose curated offerings in the right context, such as a micro-travel insurance on a skiing trip or the perfect hotel recommendation in a new city.

Offering these services is a way to offer more value to your customers by solving real customer needs, while adding new revenue streams from third party services.