Create magic moments

With sensor showcasing technology


Crowd Excitement

Connect crowds at events, theme parks and in shopping malls, by showcasing their mobile sensor data.

We apply augmented reality (AR) to deliver serendipitous moments to users; helping them to discover more and new things on site. Our technology connects live audiences with those streaming the event.

Shared Adventures

Create shareable content by showcasing users’ sensor data in a unique and attractive way. 

Our augmented reality (AR) enhanced video technology highlights a user’s speed, g-force and heart rate, while being filmed during a performance; resulting in exciting content ready to be shared. Discover the next local hero – by capturing the performer’s unique sensor data.



Ancillary Revenue

Leverage customer insights to communicate contextually relevant messages and services to your visitors.

Our technology combines location data and machine learning to create contextual profiles of users, in order to understand and predict their needs. This insight is key to surface relevant and timely offerings to visitors, creating interesting ancillary revenue opportunities.